Natural or Chemical?

It’s too easy to try and classify ingredients as toxic or chemical or indeed natural. All materials in the known universe are ‘chemical’. For example, water is a chemical – H20. Whether a material is toxic or not depends on what level you use or consume it at. For example, nutmeg is a great spice for flavouring food and it’s safe to eat. However, if you consume large amounts of it, it is known to be toxic.

Whether a material is natural or synthetic depends on how its processed. We have a high level of natural ingredients within our formulations. Our products combine a whole host of derived extracts, pure essential oils, science-led and cutting-edge active complexes.


In order to achieve the best skincare results from all of our skincare products we don’t limit our choice to natural ingredients only, you will find a combination of both naturally derived and sourced ingredients combined with some carefully chosen synthetic ingredients, all have vital reason for their inclusion within our formulations to deliver great texture, results and experience for you.



All of our products are assessed and approved for their topical skin safety by independent skin care experts and toxicologists before they go on sale, this includes looking in detail at the usage levels of the ingredients chosen. Skincare products need to be stable and safe to use and this often means using materials that aren’t classified as natural. But this doesn’t mean they aren’t safe to use.

If you have any questions regarding any specific product or ingredients, get in touch with us and we are more than happy to help.

We know you’ll love our products.

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