SPA & Wellbeing is the unlimited ability to enhance your spa experience at one of our partner Spa’s.  We have a full professional spa treatment menu offering over 25 spa treatments including, Spa Facials, results-driven facials, renewing body massages, body treatments and Hands & feet treatments.

Our exclusive protocols are written and trained by us to include opening and closing Spa rituals, Spa journey’s and signature spa touches of unique wellbeing care and attention. Our aim is to guarantee your guests will receive an outstanding experience and spa treatments they will always remember, and leave them wanting to come back for more. Consultation and after care is one important factor that we also like to focus on.

We are unique beyond comparison.

We’re very proud to partner with and service some of the most prestigious spas in the U.K, where service and a considered wellbeing journey from arrival to departure is all outstanding and we offer nothing but true uncompromising luxury.


Working with Velisha London professional team will help enable you to create unique experiences for your spa and  you’ll sure be offering an amazing range of services added to your menu and your business, which will leave customers coming back. Get your therapists trained to a high standard, as well as becoming experts in the skincare range, and being able to recommend our products to your clients after the treatments, to ensure your customer gets the most out of their treatments and continues with the best home care.


For more info head over to our trade site –www.velishatrade.co.uk/